Bunakara, which means “weaver” in Hindi, is a line of home furnishings and textiles that blends the simple with the luxurious. Created by Joana Aranha, an internationally known interior designer and retail store designer, the product weaves the history and the emotions in a mix of the past and present. From the soul of the artist that Joana is, through the hands of artisans, to the homes of those with a sophisticated artistic sense of style, Bunakara helps us all discover what can’t be found.

Payment Terms:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express
50% deposit required on all orders, balance due before shipping

Opening Order:
$2,500 Stocking
$500 Non-stocking

$500 Stocking
$200 Non-stocking

Lead Time:
2 weeks if in stock
8 – 10 weeks if not in stock