Why jdouglas

In July 2001, Doug Self along with a small group of very dedicated sales professionals and staff came together in Atlanta to form as a full-service, to-the-trade representative agency designed to deliver the highest quality goods and unsurpassed customer service experience for retailers, specifiers and interior designers. Today, comprises some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, along with a dynamic sales force and two flagship showrooms in major US markets, as well as, an innovative online showroom. As continues to transform the rep model within the home furnishings industry, the key to everyone’s success is a philosophy which ensures the communication between each of its entities is honestly, constantly and perpetually encouraging mutual growth.

Understanding the importance of each element which builds ’ success starts with hearing and listening to each voice: every customer, representative and manufacturer is able to contribute a specific expertise. positions itself to service and benefit both the customer and the manufacturer by building relationships with each and providing a direct line of communication between the two. This strategic collaboration not only leads to efficiency and satisfaction for both sides of the transaction, but also combines the ideas and observations of many industry leaders to further increase trend and product development concepts which inevitably foster creation and opportunity within the design community.

In today’s ever-changing stream of technology, is constantly evolving to adapt in a world of automated information to further execute exceptional customer service, while continuing to render remarkable design with unparalleled presentation. By understanding, implementing, then utilizing the current tools of the time, is able to harness the applicable, update in an instant, and inevitably increase the depth of each business relationship, promoting only future success for all.